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DREWSEN awarded Nordic Swan-Eco Label for Grease-resistant Papers

DREWSEN are pleased to announce that our PROBARRIER Nature grade has been awarded the coveted Nordic Eco Label „Nordic Swan“.


The award guarantees both customers and consumers that this grease-resistant paper has fulfilled stringent environmental and climate criteria, and more importantly, certifies that the PROBARRIER Nature grade contains no fluorochemicals (so called PFAS). Fluorochemicals are difficult to break down and can accumulate in both the human body and the environment. Many of our customers hold the Nordic Swan certification in high esteem, particularly suppliers to retail chains which specify the Nordic Eco Label for food packaging materials.

PROBARRIER Nature a certified grease-resistant packaging paper for direct food contact. Made with renewable raw materials, it is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable.



News / Press

7th June 2021

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE invests in its reel cutting equipment

Plastic drinking straws are one of the many single-use plastic products that will be banned as the result of a European directive (2019/904) this year. Paper straws are a sustainable alternative. To produce drinking straws from paper, narrow reels, so-called bobbins, are required.

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31st May 2021

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE to increase speciality paper prices significantly, effective July 1

Due to sustained increases in the cost of energy, transport and raw materials, notably pulp, DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE will be increasing paper prices significantly for their uncoated woodfree paper grades, effective for deliveries made from July 1st 2021. Read more ...

27th April 2021

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE launches new PROSEAL Heat Sealable Paper for packaging of dry food and non-food items

Sustainability and environmentally friendly packaging solutions are increasingly influencing our everyday lives. Brand owners, consumers and legislation are demanding a reduction of plastic usage.

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22nd April 2021

DREWSEN SPEZIALPAPIERE receives silver medal for EcoVadis rating

Social responsibility and sustainability, i.e. the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), have always held high priority at DREWSEN. In order to make its efforts and improvements in this area more visible to customers, DREWSEN has once again been assessed by EcoVadis. Read more ...